Jake is a good ol' Southern Gentleman from Tennessee.  He grew up on a farm and spent most of his childhood tromping through the creeks, cleaning out fence rows and making sure the cows were fed and happy.  He always had a propensity for science and math and loved to play with his microscope and chemistry sets growing up.  There seemed to always be a theme throughout his life of mixing things together to make the best possible combinations.

He comes from a long lineage of teachers and tried his hand at teaching High School science.  He received his Masters in Education, but quickly changed his path, feeling a yearning to move West.  Teaching hadn't satisfied his desire to create.  Suddenly, he found himself in Redding, CA and has been there ever since.  However, that theme of mixing things together still follows him.  Today, he makes the best ice cream you've ever had!


Chul has had an affinity for ice cream ever since he was a kid growing up on the island of Jeju in South Korea.  After immigrating to the states and spending his formative years in the heart of Los Angeles, he decided to enroll in culinary school and hone his craft in pastry and baking.  Graduating in 2009 and working at various fine dining restaurants around LA for 5 years, he finally decided to venture and strike out on his own.  Without any prior knowledge in business, he sold a few pairs of his most coveted Air Jordan  sneakers and decided to purchase a commercial ice cream machine.  He started selling and delivering pints of his unique combination of flavors through social media under the name Inside Scoop Creamery which he currently operates in LA.


Danny was raised in the concrete jungle of New York then transplanted to Beverly Hills during High School where he became the Asian Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  Always being a dreamer and believing for the impossible, his whole life was an adventure of odd jobs and unique experiences.  He has a degree in Rhetoric - don't worry, you're not the only one who doesn't know what that is; and he has a new found love for the outdoors.  Yes, this city slicker has been Redding-ized. 

His humble beginnings of selling Country Time lemonade in front of his garage at a ripe old age of 10, should've made it crystal clear that the sky was the limit and one day would be making lemonade's distant cousin, ice cream!