Happiness, in a cone.

At Taste and See, we are committed to creating a new generation of adventurous ice cream with fresh takes on traditional flavors you love. Our ice cream is made from scratch with premium dairy and the finest raw ingredients for a unique, fully composed dessert with a difference you can taste and see. Every flavor has a story and is inspired by the kid in all of us.

More than just the sweet stuff.

We believe in the ice cream parlor as community cornerstone. We are passionate about not only creating a divinely delicious product, but creating a space where everyone is welcome and you have permission to be yourself. We invite you to celebrate life’s moments with us - big and small - with a scoop of your favorite flavor. Don’t have one yet? It’s time to start sampling!


Productions and Operations

Simply put, Jake’s passion is people. A true Southern gentleman with a natural ‘gift of gab’, he’s always down for some friendly conversation. His mission at Taste and See is investing in people - on both sides of the counter.

His vision is to create a work culture that inspires employees to dream big, by providing a positive environment, exceptional professional development, and a divinely delicious product.

Jake’s favorite flavor is Belgian Chocolate Ganache - a total comfort food that puts you at ease - just like his southern charm.


Creative Director

Chul loves ice cream so much that he once drove from LA to Vancouver with the sole purpose of sampling all the ice cream in between. As Taste and See’s Creative Director, Chul is the brains behind every flavor. A lifelong foodie, Chul worked for many years as a pastry chef in LA. He sees every ice cream flavor as a blank canvas - and loves the process of inspiration, experimentation, and discovery that goes into developing new flavors. It’s kind of like life - you never know what you’re going to get - but sometimes you’re surprised with sweetness.

Chul’s favorite flavor is Blueberry Goat Cheese Cake - eccentric and outside the box, but a total crowd pleaser - just like him.


Marketing Guru

Danny has been an entrepreneur since he set up his first lemonade stand as a kid in New York City. To him, ice cream isn’t just bliss in a cone, it’s community. His role as official Marketing Guru is to tell the Taste and See story, digging into the good stuff that makes the brand unique. He’s inspired by old school ice cream parlors that served as a gathering place, where families could walk through the door and into another world. In this world, questions are simple, like nuts, or no nuts? Chocolate or vanilla? In this world, you can forget about your to-do list for a while, and your kids always see you as a hero.

Danny’s favorite flavor is Bourbon and Brown Butter Pecan - a traditionalist with a fun-loving wild streak - just like him.