Brown Sugar Madagascar Vanilla

Using the highest quality vanilla along with a slight hint of dark brown sugar, it is a classic, reinvented.

Nutella Bonfire S'mores

Nutella base ice cream.  Homemade graham cracker crust and torched, gooey marshmallows mixed in.  'Nuff Said.

Smoked Sea Salt Caramel

Even a milli second in burning the sugar can alter the final taste of the caramel.  We have perfected it. 


"Scout Coffee" Cold Brew

Local beans from Scout Coffee steeped in our sweet cream base overnight.


Mint Leaf Straciatella

Real mint leaves steeped in our sweet cream base and we pour melted chocolate into our ice cream machine.  As soon as the chocolate hits the machine, it turns into irregular, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate flakes.


Oreos 'n' Cream

Made with real Oreos and cream you can truly taste, our take on this classic flavor is unmatched in the cookies 'n' cream class of ice creams.


Maple Syrup Brown Sugar Candied Bacon

This one is for the gentlemen.  Maple syrup base with oven baked brown sugar bacon.  


Thai Iced Tea

Classic flavor of Thai Iced Tea.  We just made it into ice cream.


Fresh Blueberry

We intensify the subtlety of blueberries by reducing them down with a little sugar.  Result is probably the best blueberry ice cream you've ever had.


Roasted Banana Fudge

We roast these bananas, still wrapped in their peel, until the sugar inside gets caramelized and the flavor intensifies.


Toast and Jam

Twice baked Hawaiian bread crumbs.  Homemade strawberry jam.  You're welcome.


Blueberry Goat Cheesecake

Tangy Goat cheese.  Homemade graham cracker crust.  Homemade blueberry compote.  


Cucumber Mint Lemonade Sorbet (vegan, dairy-free)

This refreshing treat will beat the scorching weather of Redding!


Strawberry Basil Sorbet (vegan, dairy-free)

You would be surprised by how basil compliments the flavor of the strawberries!


Your Idea Here!

Have an original flavor idea? Let us know! Part of our desire to serve the community includes bringing you into our tasty creative process.