madagascar vanilla

A simple classic done right. We take vanilla bean paste from Madagascar, fold them into our local Crystal Creamery dairy to create a classic flavor that everyone will be sure to love.

nutella bonfire s'mores

We fold in our childhood favorite, Nutella spread, into our local Crystal Creamery dairy and add in our home made graham crackers and hand-torched marshmallows!

balsamic roasted strawberry

We take local organic strawberries, reduce them down with a little bit of sugar, and then fold them into our local Crystal Creamery dairy with a dash of balsamic vinegar to bring out the sweetness of the strawberries.

honey mango tajin sorbet

2 of our founders are from Los Angeles.  We wanted to re-create a flavor of those Mexican fruit carts roaming around the streets of LA during any given time of the day.  We wait until mangoes are perfectly ripened, bursting with juice, puree them and add Tajin (chili lime seasoning) to balance out the sweet and spicy combination.

white peach frozen yogurt

Our favorite of the stone fruit season.  We ripen them until they burst with juice when slightly squeezed so they have the most flavor as possible.  We then cook them down with a dash of sugar and add in yogurt to create a fresh, yet tangy flavor.

creme fraiche with strawberry compote

Creme fraiche, the distant European cousin of our American sour cream!  We ferment our local Crystal Creamery heavy cream with a little bit of buttermilk, leave them out in room temperature for 72 hours, and voila! The cream has turned into a thick, creamy, tangy creme fraiche. We add our home made strawberry compote and fold them in to create a perfectly tangy and sweet treat!

smoked sea salt caramel

We slowly cook the sugar until it starts turning into caramel.  When the desired consistency of caramel is present, we then quickly stop the sugar burning process by adding our local Crystal Creamery heavy cream and add a dash of smoked sea salt to create a simple, yet complex flavor. 

peanut butter with mixed berry jam

Who doesn't love PB &J? We simply add peanut butter to our local Crystal Creamery dairy and reduce down a mixture of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries to be folded in!

belgian chocolate ganache

We simply melt down our Belgian chocolate, add a little bit of our local Crystal Creamery heavy cream to create a perfect ganache, then add voila! Most decadent chocolate ice cream you have ever had!

bourbon brown butter pecan

We make this ice cream with dark brown sugar, add some browned butter to our toasted pecans and add a splash of Jim Beam bourbon to create an updated classic.

honey lavender

Elegant and sophisticated. We steep lavender flowers in our local Crystal Creamery dairy for 24 hours, add a little bit of our local honey to create a nice, floral flavor!

blueberry goat cheesecake

Our signature flavor at Taste and See with a cult following.  Goat cheese (chevre) ice cream. Home made graham crackers. Blueberry compote.  Put it together. 'Nuff said.

lemon speculoos cookie

We completely zest all our lemons.  We then juice every single one of them and add them to our local Crystal Creamery dairy with speculoos cookies to create the flavor of lemon ice box cake that our grandmas used to make!

oreos n' cream

Favorite of our guests, 15 and under! Our madagascar vanilla ice cream with oreos folded in!

theory collaborative coffee

Collaborative is the key word! We collaborate with Theory Collaborative (local Redding coffee roastery/shop) to produce an ice cream flavor that actually tastes like how coffee smells!

vegan oreos n' cream

You guys asked for it.  here it is. our oreos n' cream with our special vegan ice cream base!

Your Idea Here!

Have an original flavor idea? Let us know! Part of our desire to serve the community includes bringing you into our tasty creative process.